Friday 26 April 22:00 – 04:00, Basement 45, Bristol

OPGroover and PuttyRubber join the Beast of Minotaur Sound for a night of mythical proportions. A monster lineup awaits you in Bristol, if you dare…

The Techno Beast Cometh!
Beastlings unite yet again for fully fledged creature antics as we congregate in the hallowed vaults of Basement 45 (full takeover). Carefully hoof selecting a DJ lineup that will have you reaching out for glitter vestments of the darkest kind.

?Maxxi Soundsystem (Moda Black, Futureboogie Recordings) ?

? PuttyRubber ?
?Amy Amor Boorn ?
? Rocka Lula ?
? OllyPollyGroover ?
? Billie George ?
? Opposable Thoms ?
? Sarah Air ?
? Tina Hart ?
? Catchi ?
? OG Token Male ?

A time to strip off your humanoid outerwear and tread from saint to sinner as we launch you into a void of DJ scrumminess (as we’ve done with you before) ?

Claim your tickets now on Headfirst Bristol! Blessed be the Beast.

Basement 45, Bristol

8 Frogmore Street, Bristol BS1 5NA

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